Hello, I’m Ashley and this is my (very) newly developed blog so bear with me. I am a new mom to a baby girl named Edie (Edythe), she has become my entire life. I honestly always made fun of “those moms” but here I am now creating a blog just like all the others. I mean, probably not exactly like the others but I’m still not sure what this is. I guess we will see what it becomes. I want to talk about all parts of motherhood, just like other mommy blogs, but with a positive outlook on even the terrible parts. I am a first time mom so maybe my view is idealistic and ridiculous to some of you, but maybe it will be refreshing…I suppose we will see. Oh, and I have a husband too who is like the perfect husband and father, I know everyone probably says that but for real, its like eerie how perfect he is..he’s probably an A.I.

Maternity 📸: John Robert Woods