Lazy Man’s Chair ReUpholstery

I have had my dining room table set since I moved out of my house at 19 years old. This set was built in 1929 and was my Great-great grandmothers. It was passed down to my grandmother, my mother, and now I have it. The chairs to this set have been reupholstered so many times that I’m not even sure what the original fabric was…I think they were leather? Anyway, when I received the table they were covered with a white-flower-textured fabric that had been damaged in an unfortunate fire incident so I decided they must be reupholstered. Being incredibly poor at the time I picked the cheapest (not hideous) fabric I could find, and came up with this yellow striped pattern.

(sorry for these awful pics, didn’t know I would be using them for this post)

This pattern was fine at the time because we had this awesome-ly hideous old 70’s yellow (thrift store find) couch which they actually matched perfectly. As time went on the ugly yellow became less and less complimentary to our apartment but with little time (and extra money) I didn’t really care much. This brings us to yesterday when I’m walking through the red tag aisle at  JoAnn’s Fabrics and I see this beautiful eclectic upholstery fabric. I stop and stare in amazement as I think to myself ‘This is IT!’ I had no intention of reupholstering these chairs anytime soon but this Nate Berkus fabric was too good to pass up. Now, this isn’t a tutorial because I couldn’t in good conscience call it that. The way I reupholster these chairs is in the laziest way possible so if you want a professional tutorial look elsewhere. This is basically just a story but if you want to do it the incredibly lazy way I did go right ahead and follow these steps.


  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • Fabric
  • Tape measure
  1. Remove the cushion, if it looks like the above picture underneath then we are good to go! Then remove all these staples with pliers.
  2. Measure the old fabric and cut your new piece of fabric like 2 inches longer and wider, so that you have extra to staple and pull tight.
  3. Now set your seat on the fabric and staple one side, I like to do a staple every 1/2 inch. Don’t staple all the way to the edge, do your last staple like an inch from the edge.
  4. Repeat step 3 BUT make sure to pull super tight before each staple so that your seat is tight and not all loose and gross looking.
  5. Once you’ve done this you will just have the corners left to do, this is wear I get creative i just maneuver it so that it has a decorative little fold and is super tight. The corner usually has like 3 staples, it should look like the pictures below. Its easy once you start messing with it.
  6. Cut all the excess fabric off to clean it up a bit.
  7. Put the cushion back on and you are all DONE! Yay!


This took me like 4 hours in between taking care of Edie so its totally doable with your kids around. I’m super happy with the outcome! This fabric updated the look of these chairs and now they match my apartment much, MUCH better.